Bouncing Back From Being Told You Can’t, Stop, No, Don’t, or Just Plain Rejection

Being told you can’t is hard for some of us, such as when you can’t enter a store without a mask, or being told your job has been eliminated and you can’t work there anymore.  Paragon Orthopedic Center has had to tell some patients they can’t be seen for a variety of reasons, and sometimes patients make a scene as they process the information.  We humans don’t take rejection well, and some rejections are harder to bounce back from than others, such as a layoff. put out a nice article that lists seven ways to bounce back.  Whether your setback is big or little, you can find some wisdom that will come in handy the next time you’re told you “can’t.”

  • Acknowledge the discomfort
  • Take a moment for a reality check
  • Find the positives in it
  • Don’t let the event define who you are
  • Treat yourself kindly by not beating yourself up
  • Learn what you can do better next time
  • Be confident and move forward

Below is a link with further details about these seven ways mentally strong people recover from rejections.  Southern Oregon is an area with many beautiful rivers, so think of failure as a river: it only moves forward in one direction and so should you.  Visualize future success and don’t look back!