Southern Oregon Outdoor Activities Reopening!

Phase one of the governor’s plan to reopen Oregon has begun, but it might be difficult to understand what outdoor opportunities are open, partially open, or continue to be closed.  Here is  detailed article from that helps you with those details and even some links to maps.  Dr. Van Horne and Dr. Bents are always encouraging people to get their exercise and we have so many beautiful places in the great outdoors to do that.  Check out information about our beaches, national forests, and national parks, such as Crater Lake National Park.  Even though you can get outside, the experience might be a bit different.  Some places are strongly encouraging that masks be worn and to continue practicing social distancing.  Before you leave the house, you will definitely want to know what facilities are open because some will not have bathrooms available and you will need to plan accordingly.  Be smart and continue to limit your chances of exposure because the virus is still active.  The places that have reopened could be closed again if the number of cases spikes.  Let’s work together to keep our number of cases low.  Please take measures to be careful and follow recommended guidelines.  Read more here: