Superbug even more resistant to antibiotics for cigarette smokers

Cigarettes have had years of research to prove themselves to be hazardous to your health.  Here is one more reason to quit: cigarette smoke has been shown to make a certain bacteria, S. aureus, change its DNA at a faster pace.  The mutated cells can adapt to their harsh conditions and become very difficult to eliminate, meaning the usual arsenal of antibiotics won’t work on you.  It is easy to take the work of an antibiotic for granted, when the uncomfortable symptoms fade after only one or two days of the medication.  Try to imagine that your doctor cannot stop an infection that has started within your surgical site, jeopardizing your surgery.  About 30% of us carry S. aureus in our noses and it causes no problem, but within a surgical site it can cause a terribly difficult to fight infection.  Most orthopedic surgeons, including Paragon’s Dr. Rob Bents and Dr. Jim Van Horne, frequently refuse to do surgery on those who smoke because smoking impairs the immune system and the ability of the body to fight infection.  Bluntly said, surgeries on cigarette smokers frequently are failures.  With the new knowledge that a cigarette smoker has an even higher risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, you should stop today or encourage a loved one to quit.  Read more here: