Avoid injury: stretch those muscles

Spring is here with many children on spring break this week. All of us might get out a little more and do things we haven’t done since the weather turned cold last fall. Paragon Orthopedic Center would like to remind you to stretch those muscles before you go for a bike ride, play volleyball with your teen, or pick up that bat for the softball season. Paragon Orthopedics sees many injuries caused by simply not warming up those muscles to be loose before making them work harder than they usually do. Just 10 minutes of warming up can make a huge difference. Think of your muscles like taffy; the more you work it, the softer it gets. It’s the same with your muscles. Prevent ligament tears and muscle strains Southern Oregon: warm them up!

Five Fabulous Providers for Southern Oregon

Paragon Orthopedics has five of the best orthopedic care providers ready to help the fine people of Jackson and Josephine counties. Dr. Rob Bents and Dr. Jim Van Horne each have over 20 years of orthopedic expertise and continue to seek out the most modern, up to date ways of treating all orthopedic problems. You can count on them to have the least invasive surgeries, which means less chance of infection and a quicker return to health. Michael Swartz, Greg Stanko, and Hank Read bring their years of experience in orthopedics to make this practice and your experience as a patient top notch. Read more about these fine practitioners on the Paragon Orthopedic Center’s web page “Providers” link: http://www.paragonorthopedic.com/orthopedic-specialists.php

Educational videos available on Paragon Orthopedic Center website

Do you want more information about an orthopedic problem? The Paragon Orthopedic Center website is full of videos to educate yourself. Get some peace of mind by getting answers that help you understand more and might alleviate anxiety. Videos about hip, shoulder, and knee arthroscopy, as well as information on ACL’s and trigger fingers. Many, many orthopedic subjects are covered in this library for the inquiring minds of Southern Oregon. Check them out! www.paragonorthopedic.com

Get out and enjoy some free Vitamin D!

Sunshine isn’t only good for uplifting the soul, it is also good for your bones! You cannot find a better natural source of Vitamin D than sunlight. Vitamin D is necessary for your body to absorb calcium, which makes our bones strong. The best time of the day is between 11am and 3pm. As you well know, the weather in Josephine County can be sunny one hour and raining hard the next. Paragon Orthopedics wants its patients to have the healthiest bones they can. Increase your Vitamin D, enjoy the sunshine today, and keep those bones strong!

PRP: Can it help me avoid surgery?

Paragon Orthopedics here in Grants Pass publishes monthly informational newsletters. Coming up in April will be the newest information about Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, which supplements the body’s repair process and sometimes helps a patient avoid invasive surgery. Sign up to receive the newsletter via email at Paragon Orthopedic Center and stay tuned to our blog!

Dr. James Van Horne of Grants Pass making big headlines about a new post-op protocol minimizing opioid use

With narcotic usage up in Josephine County, Dr. Jim Van Horne is trying to do what he can to change this, and his research is proving highly beneficial to reducing the need for drugs in post-operative total joint arthroplasty. Check out this article.


Now Trending….Activated Charcoal

Paragon Press

Are the benefits real?
The substance once only known for treating accidental ingestion of poison is now popping up in everything from toothpaste to ice cream. Some label it a “detoxifier.” Getting rid of toxins might sound appealing. Is this black stuff okay to use and eat?

WHAT IT IS: Activated charcoal is made by taking plant materials rich in carbon, such as wood or coconut shells, then heating them at very high temperatures. The “activation” comes from stripping the substance of previously absorbed molecules, making them able to bind again. The resulting charcoal absorbs various substances, depending on the application. As a side note, this is not the same as food that has been burned in the process of cooking. The problem is that activated charcoal doesn’t discriminate. It will bind to any substance it meets, whether it is medicine, or the vitamins and minerals found in your food. When ingested, the charcoal itself is not absorbed by the body.

WHAT IS KNOWN: The only approved use of it is for poisonings. The claims being made by trendy products right now are based on its chemical properties and potential. No major research has been done to back any other applications of activated charcoal.

THE CLAIMS: Some of the claims out there right now are for: skin cleansing, deodorants, water filtration, neutralizing intestinal gas, improving kidney function for those with kidney disease, whitening teeth, and wound care. As far as its detoxifying properties, activated charcoal binds to things in your stomach and small intestine. It cannot remove built up “toxins” found in your body. “Detoxing” is a buzz word these days, but this method of detoxification can be detrimental to your health if you don’t know the risks of it absorbing medications, vitamins, and minerals. No evidence exists to support its abilities to cure hangovers either. When used in foods, some have noted it turned their mouths a shade of gray. This probably is not the best choice if you’re on a first date.

WHAT’S NEXT: Look for continued research on this activated charcoal. Education is the key. New York City has placed a ban on using it in food and drinks, even though the FDA has not specifically banned it…but they also have not approved it. If you are considering ingesting this for any purpose, check with your healthcare provider first, as it might interfere with absorption of your medicines and nutrients in your food.

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