Should I see my orthopedic surgeon now?

When is it time to see an orthopedic surgeon?  Sometimes it’s obvious.  When a bone is sticking out of your skin, it’s time.  When a part of your arm or leg is no longer straight, it’s time.  But what about when the need for an orthopedic opinion isn’t so obvious?  It’s time when the problem isn’t going away or it gets worse.  Have you not been able to get back to an activity, especially an every day activity, that was previously pain-free?  Call us at Paragon Orthopedic Center and discuss it with our very knowledgeable staff: 541-472-0703.  Dr. Rob Bents and Dr.  James Van Horne have been taking care of the orthopedic needs here in Grants Pass, as well as the Southern Oregon region, with the old-fashioned feel of personalized service.  You’ll feel a part of our family when you visit Paragon Orthopedics!

Double-jointed? Please call it hypermobile.

Maybe you’ve seen your friend put her leg behind her neck.  Or the friend who can bend his fingers in ways that look totally unnatural.  The term double-jointed is frequently used, but it isn’t accurate.  You will never hear of a person exiting Paragon Orthopedic Center with that diagnosis.  Hypermobility is the correct way of describing these abilities to have excessive joint motion.  People with joint hypermobility don’t have twice the amount of joints, nor do they have twice the normal motion.  About 10-20% of the healthy adult population have hypermobile joints.  Some people can train themselves to have increased joint mobility for certain activities, such as gymnastics.  Unfortunately for those of us who are older, this ability gets harder to do the older we get, which is why you don’t see many 80-year olds doing the splits.

New improvements at Paragon Orthopedic Center

We are enduring big changes in our computer systems at Paragon Orthopedic Center.  As everyone knows, it takes time to adjust to changes, so a big thank you to Southern Oregon for your patience with us as we navigate the new system.  These changes will ultimately benefit you as a patient from start to finish.  As always, your healthcare is number one in the Paragon clinic and we strive to make your visits to us as streamlined as possible!

Women’s Health Week Brings Awareness to Bone Density Screening

This is the week to focus on the unique needs for a woman’s health.  If you are a female, take a moment to educate yourself about what screenings are recommended for optimal health as you age.  This is good information for men too, because you more than likely have important women in your life.  At Paragon Orthopedic Center, bone density screenings are likely suggested after a patient is seen with certain types of fractures.  Your primary care provider can tell you more about whether a bone density screen is necessary before a fracture, or if you need any of these other suggestions, to maintain your best health.  Check in with the women in your life to see if they have considered these for their health:

Get your FAQ’s on the Paragon Orthopedic Center’s website

Whether you have a new bone health issue or have scheduled an orthopedic surgery, you more than likely have questions.  Paragon Orthopedic Center has anticipated the needs of Southern Oregon residents and created a section dedicated to answering your concerns.  There are answers for general orthopedic anatomy, appointments at Paragon, pre-op, post-op, and surgery-related issues.  Check out our FAQ’s here:

Paragon Orthopedic Center Newsletter for May

Paragon Orthopedic Center
Grants Pass, Oregon

National Physical Fitness Month

Recognize the need for some form of physical exercise in your life this month! You read about our nation’s obesity statistics, how important daily exercise is, and what exercise can mean for your overall health, and this is the time to GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! Stop making excuses. Make May the month for change. How to make that happen? A little bit of effort can go a long way. We’ve done a bit of work for you by finding some helpful information to get outside.

Here are some links for walks:

A link for running ideas:

Bicycling guides and maps:

Other ideas:
-Take the kids/grandkids out and do something they enjoy doing outdoors.
-Join a gym and sign up for classes. People in the classes can hold you accountable if you lack self-motivation.
-Join a group. Southern Oregon has square dancing, dance studios, country western dancing, tango dancing, Zumba, CrossFit, adult aerial classes, and yoga.
-Join a league. There are SO many. Soccer, softball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, pickleball, badminton, and even kickball!;

Don’t forget about the easier starts if you have been very inactive. Park farther away from the store’s entrance. Walk the dog. Take the stairs. Walk a little farther when you go pick up the newspaper. Do sets of jumping jacks during commercials while watching your favorite program. Whatever you choose, stick with it. Set a reminder on your phone to help you or ask a friend to join you in these efforts. May is the month; make a change for better health now!

The following articles were referenced for this newsletter:

The Paragon Orthopedic Center’s Patient Portal is a modern convenience for your orthopedic care

When you are a new patient at Paragon Orthopedic Center, we ask for your email, not to send you spam, but to make your care securely convenient. Your email will connect you with the ability to: access test results, fill out paperwork in advance, request prescription refills, get answers to your questions by our highly qualified staff at your convenience, and more! It is very secure and completely confidential. Paragon Orthopedics is dedicated to cyber security and never shares your personal information with anyone. Trust Paragon Orthopedics in Grants Pass for your orthopedic care in Southern Oregon, start to finish!

Patient Education for Orthopedic Surgery and FAQ’s

Paragon Orthopedics is pleased to be able to diagnose and treat a variety of joint problems for the people of Southern Oregon. Our website has a wealth of information about all of your joints and has dedicated a whole page to patient instruction. The internet doesn’t always offer reliable information about healthcare issues, but you can trust Paragon Orthopedic Center to provide the accurate information you need. Check out the patient education link to find everything from shoulder surgery protocols to FAQ’s on labral repairs, meniscus repairs, or post-op shoulder exercises.