Staying At Home Brings On The Pain

You might have been thinking staying at home from work would be a piece of cake, looking forward to doing all those things on your list.  Then, as you did activities at home that your body isn’t used to doing, you’ve developed aches and pains.  Maybe you’ve been using the at-home weight system, or those chores you’ve been doing have taken a toll on your knees.  What do you do about these isolation-induced orthopedic problems?  Firstly, begin a daily stretching routine.  The benefits of your newly gained flexibility will last beyond this lockdown.  Many have found yoga to provide increased flexibility, or you can find plenty of internet suggestions to stretch specific areas.  Just make sure you don’t push the stretch too far.  A small degree of discomfort is normal, but sustained pain is not.  Be mindful of your posture and body mechanics to stretch the muscles intended.  Eat a well-balanced diet to improve your physical and mental health.  You will be amazed by how good a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber can make you feel!  The internet is full of information about foods that can increase immunity and resistance to illnesses.  Take anti-inflammatory medications as directed and use hot/cold alternatively to increase circulation/decrease inflammation.  If the problem still persists, please give Paragon Orthopedic Center a call at 541-472-0603.  Our staff are ready to answer your questions to see if a clinic visit is advised.  We happily serve the entire Southern Oregon region.  Be safe!