Study of Vegan Diet Shows Impact on Bone Health

The vegan way of eating avoids meat, eggs, and dairy.  While this diet can have a positive impact on heart health, diabetes, and some cancers, it can be missing key nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, and some B vitamins.   A German research institute decided to do a study of 72 people to see if bones were affected by this diet.  It found that ultrasounds of the heel bones of those on a vegan diet had lower bone value scores compared to the omnivores on a mixed-food diet.  Lower ultrasound values indicate poorer bone health.  An interesting article was published by that explores the data from the study, as well as reactions from The Vegan Society.  If you do choose to eat vegan, it is clear that careful assessment of the diet is necessary so that alternatives with similar nutrients are still consumed.  More investigation needs to be done with greater numbers, and with the data to create advisories for those who decide to become vegan.  Paragon Orthopedics Center is looking out for your bone health!  This is a well-balanced piece worthy of your time:

Are You At Risk For A Fall?

Paragon Orthopedics Center sees patients weekly, and sometimes daily, who are suffering injuries from a fall.  Many of these could have been prevented.  According to the CDC, one out of every five falls results in an injury.  We cannot prevent aging, but we can help you prevent a fall, which does not have to be a part of the aging process.  The CDC has a Stay Independent survey tool that assesses your risk for a fall by having you answer statements, such as whether you push with your hands to stand up from a chair.  It then explains why this matters.  You can take it yourself or take it for a family member.  Your score determines if you are at high risk for a fall.   Provided below is a link to the CDC website and scroll down to find their Stay Independent PDF link.  This site also provides very helpful information to keep your home as safe as possible and other tips you might not have thought would contribute to a fall.  Stay safe Southern Oregon!

New, Lower Recommended Age For Diabetes Testing

The obesity epidemic in our country has driven the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to lower the recommended age for diabetes testing to 35.  When this federal advisory board makes a recommendation, it means insurers will generally offer the testing free of charge.  Why the change?  Hopefully complications from diabetes can be avoided if it is detected and treated sooner.  Among those Americans with full-on diabetes, 21.4% are unaware.  Read more about this from the Wall Street Journal:

Paragon Targeted By Fake Facebook Account

If you checked out our Paragon Orthopedic Center Facebook page recently, you might have read a post/review with a false accusation against our staff.  This was investigated and the “person” was not a patient of ours, and then was found to be a fake account altogether.  The post was deleted.  You might think this won’t happen to you.  It is estimated that around 5% of all Facebook accounts are fake, which is about 137 million profiles.  Did you know you should report these fakers?  A quick internet search brings up easy instructions if you suspect you have had fake activity on your feed.    More stats on Facebook:

  • Of those who use Facebook, about three-quarters visit the site at least once every day.
  • Facebook is used by about half of America’s teens.
  • About 4 in 10 adults get their news from Facebook.
  • About three-quarters of Facebook users are not aware that Facebook lists your traits and interests for advertisers.

Read more about these and other Pew Research Center statistics on Facebook here:

10 facts about Americans and Facebook

I Had Carpal Tunnel And I Still Have Symptoms. Is This Normal?

The Mayo Clinic fielded this question, which contains excellent information about what carpal tunnel is, as well as the healing process after you have surgery to repair it.  Some people have immediate relief from their pain, but some don’t, which can be concerning.  Nerves usually improve at a rate of 1 inch every month, so relief of your symptoms can be slow.  Patients with the worst symptoms typically find the most immediate relief, but it can take up to a year to experience the maximum benefits of this surgery.  If you have concerns, it is always best to contact your surgeon’s office.  It could be a problem further up your arm, shoulder, neck, or brain that could require further assessment.  Dr. Bents frequently does carpal tunnel surgeries on patients from around our Southern Oregon region and hears patients very pleased to get back to their normal daily activities.  Paragon Orthopedic Center is happy to schedule you for a visit: 541-472-0603.  Read the full Mayo Clinic article here:

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Full Recovery After Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Take up to a Year

Looking Out For The Mature Women In Your Life

Did you know that women can lose up to 25% of their bone mass in the first ten years after menopause?  The good news is that women can do something about it.  In honor of International Day of Women that we blogged about on Monday, here is an article from that discusses the importance of bone health in women who are post-menopausal.  Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne at Paragon Orthopedic Center are always willing to go over what you can do to keep your bones healthy when you are in our Grants Pass office.  This article covers taking Vitamin D, exercise, dietary advice, and supplemental estrogen.  It’s good information for you to spread to all of the mature ladies in your life.  Read more here:

Paragon Orthopedic Center Celebrates International Day of Women

When we all work together, both men and women, progress is made for all.  Take the time to appreciate the women in your life and the work that they do.  All of us contribute to make our society better, and today is a day to give women you know a little recognition.  From Paragon Orthopedics, a most sincere thank you to all of the women out there who make Southern Oregon the wonderful place that it is, especially those in our clinic who work so hard to give our patients the best orthopedic care.  If you would like to read more about The International Day of Women, here is an article with many links and a video:

Do You Constantly Focus On Your Health Issues?

There is a newer way of approaching what used to be called hypochondria, where patients have chronic anxiety about their health and can’t stop thinking about their health issues.  The two new concepts are: somatic symptom disorder and illness anxiety disorder.  These new diagnoses put the focus on unnecessary bodily attention and health concerns, taking it away from unexplained symptoms the patient is having.  According to an article in the New York Times, as many as 5% of patients going into doctor’s offices believe they have a serious health problem when no illness can be found.  These patients may or may not have this serious health problem, but their symptoms are exaggerated and this can cause detrimental anxiety.  Another form of this is when people believe there are life-threatening germs everywhere.  Maybe you know someone who has experienced this with the Covid crisis.  Sometimes these concerns result in a vicious cycle of illness.  To learn more, read:

Spring Is Here! Are Your Knees Ready?

The garden is calling you for attention.  This nice spring weather in Southern Oregon beckons you to get outside and play.  Maybe some golf or flag football?  After being more sedentary in the winter, you might find your knees not cooperating with your desires.  Did you know Paragon Orthopedic Center has a host of high tech videos of 20 knee issues, from knee cap pain, to knee arthroscopy, to total knee replacement?  Our blog is always about education, and you can get your fill of knee education by viewing a few or all of these.  They might help you understand the anatomy of your knee and your pain a little better.  Click on this link, then scroll down to the Knee heading to peruse our 20 videos: