What is a Healthcare Consumer?

Here we have the modern, more empowered words for “patient” in the year 2021: healthcare consumer.  Patients are now in an era of making decisions to direct their healthcare instead of the doctor always knowing what is best.  For some, this is a bewildering thought because a doctor’s authority can be comforting.  After all, they spent the years in medical school and read the scientific literature.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explores this concept and the psychological principals on which we make our decisions.  Do you choose your doctor based on likeability, or do you go by the number of successful outcomes they have?  It is a worthy read to help you understand your expectations of the healthcare visit before you get there and think about your own desires to be an active participant in the decisions that might need to be made.  You will find all of our staff at Paragon Orthopedics ready to help you with questions as you go.  Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne believe your visit is a partnership to give you the best outcome.  Click here to read the full article:

Can Patients Decide Their Own Care? – WSJ

Can the weather affect your arthritis?

Southern Oregon is seeing the weather take a dramatic turn toward cooler fall temperatures and wetter forecasts.  Dr. Bents at Paragon Orthopedics has many patients who claim the colder weather makes their arthritis worse, or even that they can predict the weather based on how their joints feel in the morning.  Does research back this up?  The short answer based on the research is no, and it is an astounding amount of data, but keep your mind open.  More than 11 million medical visits that happened on more than 2 million rainy days and 9 million dry days say there is no link between weather and achy joints.  So, does research matter when your personal experience tells you the opposite?  Harvard Medicine has an article with an intriguing answer to this question and helps you understand our memory better.  The article points out how facts aren’t always the end of the story.  Read more here:

Does weather affect arthritis pain? – Harvard Health