What to Eat After Orthopedic Surgery

Does what you eat after surgery matter? Yes, because a well-nourished body will heal better than eating food that comes with fries. A surgeon can do the work of fixing your bones, but how well you heal is completely up to the effort you want to make. Surgeons emphasize post-op physical therapy to optimize your outcome, and you should consider your diet to be just as essential. Here are your dietary goals:

  • minimize loss of muscle
  • decrease inflammation
  • promote cellular healing
  • maintain a healthy weight

Certain foods can help you accomplish all of these goals and counter constipation while you are less active. In general, you should be eating foods higher in protein, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, and calcium. Look for foods that pack a nutritional punch and cover more than one nutritional need, such as skim milk or whole-grain breads. Choose fruits and vegetables that are not only high in vitamin C, but also contain other nutrients/fiber, such as broccoli and prunes. This article has more helpful information on this topic:

Nutrition for Orthopedic Surgery & Bone Healing | ROC (renoortho.com)