Are You Taking Your Calcium Correctly?

That is a fair question because the way you take some of your vitamins and minerals affects absorption.  Today we will cover calcium.  First, you should know that minerals compete for absorption, so if you take calcium and zinc, don’t take them at the same time.  For magnesium, it can help your body absorb calcium, but too much calcium will prevent magnesium absorption.  Now consider how much calcium you take at a time.  It is best not to take more than 500 mg of calcium at a time because 500mg is the maximum amount the body absorbs efficiently.  If you take a 1,000mg pill, your body doesn’t absorb much more than what is in a 500mg pill.   Now take a look at what kind of calcium is in your pills.  There are two main forms.  Calcium carbonate is best absorbed when taken with food.  Calcium citrate can be taken with or without food because this form is absorbed more easily.  Calcium citrate pills are typically more expensive, so you can save money by purchasing calcium carbonate and taking them with your meals.  Sometimes calcium supplements can cause side effects like bloating or constipation.  If you experience discomfort, try another form, take it with food if you don’t already, and try smaller doses of calcium throughout the day.
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