Astounding result from studies on new osteoporosis drug

Osteoporosis is a huge health risk for not just thousands, but millions of people in in the United States. The drugs currently available help prevent bone loss, but they do nothing to build bone. This new one does. The FDA approved romosozumab (brand name Evenity) this week on Tuesday. The clinical trials showed increases in the bone density of participants, which translates to more protection from fractures in osteoporotic patients. There are side effects which must be weighed with your healthcare professional and Paragon Orthopedic Center is a great resource. We keep up with the most up-to-date medicines, procedures, and surgeries. If you aren’t getting answers that make sense from other healthcare professionals about your bone health, or want reassurance that your answers considered all the options open to your unique situation, the dedicated specialists at Paragon Orthopedics is the place to call. Count on Paragon for the best orthopedic care in Southern Oregon.