Bone Health: Got it?

I recently had someone tell me they didn’t need to take calcium supplements, saying they haven’t had a bone fracture yet at the age of 50, so they must be okay.  You cannot tell what might be in your future.  Paragon Orthopedic Center never wishes a bone break on anyone, but they do happen and when they do, nobody has ever said they anticipated it.  What can you do to keep your bones in tip-top condition?  Our staff loves answering that question because we want to keep you healthy!

The Mayo Clinic has a very educational article that breaks down the risk factors that might make your bones weaker, and has tips to keep your bones strong.  Their six main tips are:

  • Daily physical activity.  If you’ve been reading the Paragon blog, we seem to hammer this point home a lot and here it is again.  Are you listening?
  • Get enough Vitamin D for calcium absorption.  This is why you’ll see Vitamin D added to some calcium pills.  It’s well worth the few extra cents to get these.
  • Get enough calcium every day.  Calcium will be best absorbed when in food, but if you can’t get enough in your diet, ask your doctor about supplements.
  • Avoid substance abuse.  This goes for your general health, but you should pick up a glass of milk instead of a stein of beer.  Your bones will thank you.

You don’t know the pain and misery of a broken bone and the recovery from one until you have one.  Do all that you can to keep this from happening and strengthen those bones.  Read more details, such as how much Vitamin D and calcium you should be getting, when peak bone mass occurs, what hormones have to do with bone mass, and more in the Mayo Clinic article: