Can Coffee and Cola Beverages Lead to Weaker Bones?

There is a link between weaker bones and consumption of coffee and cola drinks, but the reason is not clear.  It could be due to choosing these drinks over those high in calcium, such as milk.  It also could be that the phosphoric acid in colas leaches calcium out of your bones.  There also could be a link to the higher levels of caffeine found in these beverages.  The relationship is there, but more research is needed.  The bottom line is that you should assess whether you consume too much of these beverages, and whether you are consuming enough calcium.  Too much coffee or cola is not good for you, no matter what.  Try to get some calcium in every meal, every day.  To read more details about the link between weak bones and these beverages, as well as advice relating to the study results, this article from the Cleveland Clinic will give you more clarity:

Sodas, Tea and Coffee: Which Can Make Your Bones Brittle?