Cannabis and Risks for Older People

Marijuana use is on the rise around our country, and with more older people seeking to use it, attention needs to be paid to the risks for this population. Some seniors seek to use it for sleep, anxiety, or as an alternative to conventional medicines for ailments of the later years of life, but are not aware of what can happen as a result of taking it. The Wall Street Journal looked into this important subject and likely everyone can benefit from the knowledge. Metabolism gets slower as the body ages. The effects of marijuana can linger longer in seniors and the adverse effects of it can lead to accidents. The general advice is to first make sure your healthcare professional knows in order to assess any drug interactions with current medications, and start with a low dose, increasing slowly as needed to minimize being overcome by the possible side effects. THC-induced dizziness can lead to confusion, falls, and injuries. Marijuana interferes with some prescribed medications, so open honesty with your healthcare provider is essential. Be mindful of these risks to avoid unintended consequences that could be life-altering.

If you are a senior or have an older person in your life who uses marijuana or CBD products, read more here:

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