Confused About the COVID Vaccines, Boosters, and the Flu?

With certain informational resources changing advice about the vaccines and some news sources reporting outdated news, there seems to be some confusion over what vaccines are safe and what to do if you’re exposed.  Harvard Health came out with an informational article today that goes through the most up to date facts, such as which vaccines are approved and why, breakthrough infection facts, the dangerous symptoms that have been noted for those who have had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, what is recommended for children, who should get a booster, what is known about the Omicron variant, and much more. This is a very thorough article that likely covers any COVID question you have.  Even though recent studies are showing the vaccines offer less protection of the Omicron variant, getting the vaccine could be the difference between a mild flu and getting severe symptoms that require hospitalization.  As far as the booster goes, it will increase your body’s defense in fighting infection and illness, so if you are eligible, get the booster.  Research is ongoing, so keep yourself informed and only read from reputable sources.

COVID-19 vaccines – Harvard Health