Core exercises for the beginner at any level of fitness

Our last blog talked about the importance of core exercises for overall health and as promised, here is a quick overview of a few that will help anyone new to this, whether you work out everyday, or next to never.  You can do these right in front of the television during your favorite movie or television series!  No fancy equipment is needed, nor do you need a gym membership.  Here are the names of some starter exercises: the low plank, alternating seated leg lifts, the bird dog, and the standing bicycle crunch.  You can easily search the internet for a video of these.  Here is a video for the first, called the low plank. (No endorsement of Bowflex here.)  This video stands out because she gives you the easiest position and progresses to harder versions to challenge your body and keep correct body positioning during the exercise, which is very important.  If you are having body aches and pains from overuse or age, you might find gradual relief after doing some core exercises.  Muscular balance leads to all sorts of benefits.  These are better than resorting to a medication and will result in improved overall strength.  Try it! Now!