Did you check your milk nutrition facts?

Paragon Orthopedic Center did a newsletter last fall about some of the milks offered in the grocery stores and their nutrition facts.  You can find stores in Southern Oregon with many plant-based, organic, and dairy options and you need to do some research to know which is best for your nutritional needs.  Are you positive that your milk gives you the benefits you think it does?  Don’t forget the calcium content.  It is good to keep in mind the bioavailability of the calcium in the milk product you choose.  Bioavailability has to do with how much the of the calcium the bones will actually absorb.  Due to the amount of space for the newsletter, we did not go into this factor.  Generally speaking, the plant-based milks tend to have inhibitory substances that prevent calcium from being absorbed, called oxalates and phytates.  The bioavailability of the calcium is also affected by the calcium salts settling to the bottom of the carton.  As stated in the newsletter, cow’s milk and related products, like yogurt, are the best sources of absorbable calcium.  These are important facts to know when you require the calcium for your bone health.  Read more here and make an informed decision about your source of calcium.