Dr. Bents using 3-D imaging at Paragon Orthopedic Center

Customized implants for orthopedic repairs using 3D printing looks promising

Orthopedics has entered into the market of 3D printing to develop customized implants that can fit the patient better. A 3D printer is able to produce a three-dimensional product according to the digital 3D model, or “blueprint,” one layer at a time. This field is just beginning to get started and has a promising future Be on the lookout for tidbits in the news about this expanding, promising frontier of orthopedic research. You as a patient can only benefit from these custom-made pieces specifically made for your anatomy. Dr. Rob Bents uses the latest technology with 3D shoulder and knee models based upon preoperative CT scans and patients with abnormal anatomy or bony deformities. This allows custom implants to be designed for the patient when needed. Paragon Orthopedic Center is thankful to have Dr. Bents on the cutting edge of this technology to serve the people of Southern Oregon with the most up-to-date surgeries for the best outcomes possible.