Eat for Strong Bones and Start Today!

To have good health, you have to feed your machine food that makes it work well.  A Whopper with cheese might taste good, but hopefully that is an occasional treat because its nutritional value is diminished by the fat(17g), cholesterol(55g), and salt content (21% of your daily value).  Consider choices that you can enjoy eating and incorporate into your daily meals.  Need some ideas?  That’s why the Paragon Orthopedic Center blog is here!  We’ve listed fifteen foods to boost your bone health and you will be amazed how much better you’ll feel eating a healthy diet with these suggestions.  You’re bound to find a few things that you can put in your kitchen.
1-Milk, 2-yogurt, 3-cheese, 4-tofu, 5-spinach, 6-white beans, 7-fortified orange juice, 8-fortified cereals, 9-sesame seeds, 10-salmon, 11-eggs, 12-mushrooms, 13-sardines, 14-collard greens, and 15-tuna.
A key to eating better is to have the healthy choices on hand and ready to eat, so make wise choices at the grocery store.  You can’t eat the chips and soda if you don’t have them in your house, so don’t buy them.  The internet is full of ideas to use these ingredients in ways that make them more appealing than eating solo.  Not many people would pop open a can of white beans and dig in without putting a little prep-work into them.  Fifteen-Minute Garlic Parmesan White Beans are a click away!  Feel better, feel inspired, and read more:

Top 14 Best Foods for Bones Growth and Strength (