Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

Golf seems to be one sport that Covid did not affect.  Many people got in their usual swings uninterrupted.   Others have picked it up as a new way to get out and some exercise.  The Wall Street Journal, with advice from a professional, recently detailed eight exercises that can help improve your game, and you don’t even have to find your clubs.  They will help swing rotation, dynamic posture, club speed, and your short game.  Videos within this article give you the ability to make sure you understand the exercises as described and you can check your form against them for the best chances of improvement.  Two of the eight require no additional equipment, and for the other five, you can probably improvise with items from around your home.  A couple exercises use resistance bands.  Dr. Bents is a huge fan of these and has purchased them for local teams to use as a way for young athletes to get stronger.  Get started and elevate your game!