Fall athletes preparing for sports need to know this!

August is coming quickly and with this month come the early practices for fall school-related sports.  In high school and college sports, the competition can be intensely physical and your body needs to keep up with the pace.  Some athletes haven’t done any conditioning since the spring.  Is your body ready for the demands you’ll place on it?  Dr. Rob Bents at Paragon Orthopedics emphasizes the need for strength conditioning in athletes, especially in the area of ACL tear prevention.  ACL tears are seen in his office all too often, leading to a critical loss of playing time and these can be prevented.  Prevention is key.  Dr. Bents has kept up with all the recent research to help his patients and the public avoid injuries in sports.  He is working with some professionals here in Southern Oregon on a video to help you understand how to stay strong and hopefully prevent ACL injuries.  Paragon Orthopedic Center will be featuring this video on its website as soon as it’s done, so stay tuned!  Dr. Bents and Paragon Orthopedics want you to avoid injuries that take you away from what you love to play.