Game-Changing High Tech Resuscitation Tool Could Save Your Life

A device is out there that can do emergency chest compressions by itself, with consistent precision, and able to work without tiring.  It saves the caregiver from back pain and doesn’t even require a firm surface.  It is called the LUCAS compression system.  With this high-tech machine, CPR providers no longer have to switch due to fatigue and no more losing track of correct rhythm.  The results are improved perfusion of essential organs, better neurological outcomes, and saved lives.  The high-quality, consistent CPR it provides during transport or testing allows caregivers to focus on other emergency issues at the same time and buys precious time to make decisions.  A few of these expensive machines have come into use in our area, so if you see one in Southern Oregon, you will know how much of an asset it is and how reliably it provides CPR.   Paragon Orthopedic Center is always looking to keep Southern Oregon educated on the latest and the greatest in healthcare information.  Check out this article to see what this amazing machine looks like and how it has proven to be a life-saving tool.
LUCAS – Chest Compression System (