Getting the Most Vitamin D from Sunshine

Since vitamin D is essential for absorption of the calcium your bones require and sunshine is the most ideal source of it, you need to know about the relationship between sun exposure and vitamin D.  Our typical hot summer days in Southern Oregon have finally arrived, and so has plentiful sunshine, so how much do you need?
Some factors that affect how much vitamin D you get from the sun:
-how close you live to the equator
-time of day
-amount of skin exposed
-skin color
With all these variables, how much is enough?  Here is a rule of thumb: the amount of vitamin D you need daily without increasing the risk of skin cancer is about half the time it takes your skin to burn.  This could be 15-20 minutes for a lighter-skinned person, or a couple of hours for a darker-skinned person.  It is important to note that sunscreen does limit the body’s ability to make vitamin D, and you cannot get any vitamin D from light through a window because windows block the UVB rays required for tissues to create vitamin D.  Short periods of sun exposure would be the ideal way to get the vitamin D your body needs without risking skin cancer.   Paragon Orthopedic Center would like to remind you to pay attention to the factors that might put you at higher risk for skin cancer as you consider sun exposure.  Vitamin D is best obtained by sunlight, but there are supplements and food sources that help your body absorb calcium too if sun exposure is too risky.
How to get the most vitamin D from the sun: Tips and other sources (