Getting the Rest You Need

There are an abundance of stressors in the world right now.  Covid cases are increasing, restrictions are going back in place in some Oregon counties, and social unrest affects us all no matter where you live or what the color of your skin is.  This is enough to weigh on a person’s mind enough to affect sleep.  How are you sleeping?  Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or you wake up during the night, if you don’t get enough of it, lack of sleep will take a toll on your health.  If you have read our blog long enough, you know Paragon Orthopedic Center is all about you being the best you can be, physically and mentally.  Today, we are looking at some ways to get a good night’s sleep.  WebMD has an article that provides 10 good tips.  They are:

1-Wake up at the same time each day
2-Eliminate alcohol and stimulants
3-Limit naps
4-Exercise regularly
5-Limit activities in bed
6-Don’t eat or drink right before bedtime
7-Make the environment comfortable
8-Get rid of worry before bedtime
9-Reduce stress
10-Try cognitive therapy

You might be wondering what cognitive therapy, or CBT, is.  That would be time spent with a professional where you takes steps to make changes in a current behavior.  Southern Oregon has a number of professionals suited to help you with sleep troubles.  This list contains some good suggestions for a place to begin working on your insomnia.  Maybe one of these sparks an interest in you.  Read more about one or all of these tips here: