Good Knee Pain vs. Bad Knee Pain

Since we are in the thick of the skiing and snowboarding season, knee pain is a hot topic. Knee injuries account for 1/3 of all skiing injuries, and while knee injuries are less common in snowboarders, knees can and do get injured by them too. There is a great web article from the Stone Clinic in San Francisco that reviews a few different categories of pain you might feel after tweaking your knee:

  • soreness: usually due to deconditioning and responds to ice/heat, massage, and stretching
  • grinding or clicking at the knee; causes can vary greatly
  • pain inside the knee: popping, catching, pain with squats, or pain when pushing off
  • pain outside the knee
  • pain all around the knee

The article goes into more detail within each category, but if your knee pain is getting in the way of you going about life, please be seen by a healthcare professional. There are many options to solve knee pain, so please do not think you have to live with it. And if you are afraid of surgery, it isn’t always necessary, but the cause is nearly impossible to diagnose without a hands-on examination. Paragon Orthopedic Center is always here for you, Southern Oregon! 541-472-0603
Skiing Knees: a Guide to Good Hurt vs Bad Hurt (