Grants Pass Surgery Center Gives You a Personalized Option for Surgery

You go to the paint store and are happy to find many choices of colors.  You shop for groceries and can seek the deals by choosing a store.  We like choices, and you have a choice for the place you have surgery.  The hospital might be the place most people think of first, but a smaller surgery center like the Grants Pass Surgery Center is able to offer the people of Southern Oregon a personalized experience with surgeons who do surgeries at both.  Both Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne perform surgeries at both the surgery center and the hospital.  Paragon’s own Dr. Bents is the Chairman of the Board at the GPSC.   Want to learn more?  The Grants Pass Surgery Center website has an informational video that is less than 2 minutes and some facts that will help you understand more about it.  Check that out here:

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center? – Grants Pass Surgery Center (