Grants Pass Surgery Centers Offers Lower Prices. Period.

If you read our blog about being NPO before surgery, you will hopefully have a better understanding about the reasons for being NPO and be able to ask educated questions of your surgeon.  We know surgery is expensive.  Dr. Rob Bents and Dr. Jim Van Horne at Paragon Orthopedics are very proud to offer patients a lower cost alternative.  The Surgery Center here in Grants Pass, Oregon receives rave reviews for being more personalized and efficient for a variety of surgeries AND procedures that go beyond bones.  The cost is lower because of the manageable size to give you care that focuses on you as the patient and not treat you as a number.  You will feel how caring the staff are and enjoy the excellence they practice from beginning to end.  It is great that we have this option here in Grants Pass.  Always ask your surgeon if the Grants Pass Surgery Center is an option for you and feel free to call for a quote, or try the online comparison at You will likely find it is hundreds of dolllars less.  It’s over on Hawthorne Avenue and the number is 541-472-4880.