Handshake Alternatives: News Of A Lighter Sort

In case you missed out on an April Fool’s joke and you need a reason to giggle, this article might give you a reason or two to smile.  The Coronavirus is serious, but some of the suggested alternatives to a handshake out there in this pandemic are comical.  The World Health Organization has come up with these: hand on the heart, the wave, the namaste, salute, a nod, peace sign, bow, and a variation on a shoulder shrug.  Already popularized gems are the foot tap, elbow bump, and the vulcan greeting from Star Trek.  Maybe these will give you an idea of your own and you can be the next YouTube sensation.  Stay safe Southern Oregon and don’t forget to find a reason to smile.  This article will show you what each of the WHO suggestions are and talks about how our culture comes up with its own.