High Impact Exercises Impacting Your Bones

Today we will go over why high impact exercises are necessary for strong bones and what those exercises are.  After writing the Paragon blog yesterday about resistance bands, this is a good moment for you to assess whether you should add a high impact exercise into your routine.  Some uninformed articles describe them as detrimental to your health, saying you will hurt your knees or ruin your joints.  Research shows exactly the opposite of this belief.  Let’s examine the topic.
What are high impact exercises?  Examples include running, plyometrics, jumping jacks, and some aerobics that include stepping/jumping.  These have motions that generate force on your bones.  Your body makes the bone and surrounding tissues stronger as a response to the force.  They can help prevent injuries as well.  Low impact exercises, such as swimming and cycling, do not force the bones to respond to any impact, thus those exercises don’t generate the same amount of bone growth.  I have linked to an article that describes the research behind high impact exercises on the body, more about the benefits of them, and how to avoid doing too much too quickly.  The last thing Paragon Orthopedic Center wants to hear is that you were trying to improve your bone strength and ended up with an injury.  Always make changes to your routines gradually and listen to your body’s aches and pains.  Dr. Bents, Dr. Van Horne, and the wonderful staff at Paragon are always willing to answer your questions about having healthier bones and what exercises might be best for you.  Get educated and get out there Southern Oregon!