How Diet Affects the Performance of Young, Female Athletes

It has been found that the diets of young, female athletes may be deficient in the nutrients necessary to keep them at the top of their game.  The reason?  Primarily, it’s lack of education about a rounded, nutritious diet.  Insufficient nutrients can have direct impacts on bone health and the reproductive systems in these females.  According to recent reports, up to 42% of female athletes had insufficient levels of vitamin D.  Up to 90% of female athletes are not getting enough calcium, which can translate into bone fractures and impact bone density later in life.  What can be done?  According to a recent article at, two things: education and monitoring.  Those who are able to see the athlete perform can monitor best for things like disordered eating, and low energy and subsequent lack of ability to compete.  At Paragon Orthopedic Center, Dr. Rob Bents takes an active interest in athletes and had experience treating Division 1 athletes at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Here  in Grants Pass, he has seen many young, female athletes be sidelined by a stress fracture too painful to allow them to complete a season, which can be devastating news if a college scholarship is on the line.  Dr. Bents is happy to discuss good nutrition and ways to make sure young female athletes are getting adequate calories, especially enough daily calcium.  A team approach is best when coaches, doctors, and parents are involved.  How can you help?  Want to read more?  Read more here: