How Do You Lunch?

In our post-COVID world and trying to get back to working closely with other people in an office setting, the usual lunch in a breakroom might not still be an option.  At Paragon Orthopedic Center, where we have to operate under the State’s regulations put on us as healthcare providers, we still are not able to do a group lunch gathering.  No matter how many people can join you for this midday break, it is more important to make sure you take a moment to separate yourself from the work and refuel your body.  Start lunchtime habits that bring happiness because happy habits are easier to keep.  While other cultures gather and cook together or even rest together for a break, Americans are notoriously not very good at lunch breaks.  Be mindful of how you work during your day and know how you function best.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, humans have better focus and function in 90-minute periods.  Going beyond that, more mistakes are seen and reduced efficiency.  There will always be unexpected demands during your day, but as one creeps into your schedule, assess other tasks that can be put off until tomorrow.  Don’t let demands create a person who eats Oreos while running down the hall to the bathroom.  Healthy snacks, regulating your workload, and planned lunches will give your body the best chances to make good decisions and think clearly.  When some offices do not have refrigerators or microwaves, healthy choices from home can be limited.  Make an effort to do what you can.  Bring your own healthy food and prepare ahead of time for those breaks.  It may contribute to an improved ability to do the work at hand more efficiently.

The Power of the Lunch Break—and Why So Many of Us Are Bad at Taking One – WSJ