Independence Day can be a dangerous day for your health

While there is an inherent danger when lighting anything on fire, some people get caught up in the fun of fireworks to realize the potentially hazardous consequences of them.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were five deaths in the United States last year that were directly related to fireworks.  Of the visits to the E.R. during the month surrounding the 4th of July in 2018, firecrackers were the main cause of injury.  Over half of the injuries to children under five were from sparklers.  Paragon Orthopedics wants our community to be aware of the dangers, yet still make great memories this holiday weekend.  Here are a few key tips to remember about fireworks:

  • Keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby to extinguish any problems quickly.  Brush can catch fire easily.
  • Never re-light a firework that didn’t function.  Soak it in water and throw it away.
  • Don’t discard used fireworks in a trash can/bin.  They could ignite the trash.  Better to put them in a bucket of water to fully extinguish the heat generated.
  • Don’t allow those who have consumed anything that would impair judgement to use fireworks.  Doing something carelessly in a moment can have life-long consequences.

You can read more from the CPSC and additional safety tips here: