Making Your Passwords Less Vulnerable to Hackers

Websites will remind you to change your passwords, but most of us ignore it, or rotate a few easy to remember words that can be recalled every time we need to change one.  We have an article that helps you choose smart passwords and gives you tips to stay safe from hackers.  Did you know Microsoft had to ban the use of the word “password” because so many people were using it and it was too easily hacked?  Remember that hackers are looking for low hanging fruit, so if you create a very secure password in the first place, you are a lot less likely to be hacked when there are people out there using “password,” their children’s names, or their birthdate.  (Personal information that can easily be obtained should not be used for passwords.)  Quick tips: keep it long, don’t reuse between sites, and pay attention to what is known about securing passwords.  We all know about the Nigerian Prince scam or bogus sweepstakes, but the hackers are always scheming, and you need to keep up with what is known about their most recent hacking techniques.  No April Fool’s about this threat.  Read on and educate yourself here:

How to Create a Secure Password. A Simple Guide (