May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Month and Here is Why We Celebrate

Paragon Orthopedic Center would like to bring awareness to May being the Asian American & Pacific Islander month.  Our own Dr. Rob Bents is proud of his Japanese heritage.  The purpose of designating the month is to recognize the contributions of its peoples, as well as taking a moment to understand how we as a country have improved how they have been treated over the years.  Did you know that at one point, our country banned all Chinese women from entering the country, assuming they were all prostitutes?  This was the Page Act of 1875.  There was the inhumane internment of Japanese people into camps during World War II, several exclusion Acts enacted in our country, and even current xenophobia that goes on toward those of Asian descent.  We are raising awareness and making our country better by celebrating Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and instilling pride.  We are the United States of America, where all are created equal.

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Facts 2022 (