Milk 3.0-What does that organic seal mean and is it better for you?

Paragon Orthopedics is continuing its educational posts about milk.  We want you to know what you’re putting into your body, especially with so many choices in the grocery store.  If you purchase organic milk, do you really know what that means about your choice?  The USDA organic seal assures you that the cows have access to fresh water, clean bedding, sunlight, shade, shelter, and exercise.  They cannot have had any exposure to antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or GMO’s.  One third of their daily food intake must be from grazing.  Does this all mean organic milk is better for you?  It could, and then again, it might not.  You should read up on the dairy practices of the dairy from where your milk comes.  These days, most regular milk tests negative for hormones and antibiotics, and that testing is highly regulated by the FDA.  The basic nutrients in milk for both types is relatively the same.  When you buy organic, you are buying for the process, not the consumable product.  Grab a glass of milk and read more here: