Need Surgery? Check out your local surgery center!

Outpatient surgery centers, such as the Grants Pass Surgery Center, offer patients a better option than a hospital for surgeries for four main reasons: 1-surgeries are often not as lengthy, 2-you have a shorter recovery time, 3-cost significantly less, and 4-the infection rate is cut in half at a surgery center.  You do have to qualify for surgery in this setting because surgery centers are not set up to handle overnight stays or specific complications.  These facilities offer highly specialized, highly personalized and efficient care by surgeons who are credentialed to operate at both the surgery center and the hospital.  Personalized care at less cost with statistically better outcomes? If you live in Southern Oregon, ask your surgeon if the Grants Pass Surgery Center is an option for you.  Both Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne at Paragon Orthopedic Center are happy to review the possibility of this for your individualized plan of care.  Here is an article for you to read additional information about surgery center benefits: