New Mask Requirements in Oregon for Public Places and Getting Kids to Wear Masks

It is comforting to know that we continue to have fewer cases of the coronavirus in Southern Oregon than many major cities around the country, but we all need to do our part to keep the numbers low.  Please remember that the Governor stated to wear masks in public places, even outside when keeping a six-foot distance from another person isn’t possible.  Indoor social gatherings have been limited to 10 people, but this does not apply to places of worship or businesses.  Children 3 and older are included in the mask mandate, and people with health issues are allowed to be exempt from them.  Getting young children to keep that mask on can be a challenge, but there are measures you can try to help.  You could make it into a game to see how many other masks they can spy with a certain color.  Also, allowing a child to pick out their mask and having their favorite stuffed animal/doll wear one makes it feel more familiar.  The University of Michigan has a flyer that has more details about helping your children keep masks on their faces.