Orthopedic Joint Replacement: How long will it last?

Joint replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries.  The parts used in the body to replace what has been injured, broken, or worn out do not last forever, as some people initially might think.  Fortunately, the number of years they last are extending because of research, new materials, more aggressive post-op therapy, and improvements in surgery/medical care.  The replacement joint has a different life expectancy depending on where it is in the body.  A new study released by the Lancet Journal showed these statistics:

  • for hip replacements: 60% lasted 25 years
  • for knee replacements: 82% lasted 25 years

The statistics are even better for shorter durations, with 90-93% of knee and hip replacements lasting 15 years.  Joint replacement has a highly individualized plan of care.  Your age is a big factor, since a person in their 30’s must be made fully aware that one, or even two joint replacements might not last an entire lifetime.  Repeat joint replacement, called a revision,  is not desirable.  It can result in less joint function and has a higher risk of complications than the first replacement.  Sometimes a surgeon will recommend waiting as long as possible for the patient to undergo surgery to avoid another replacement.  Talking with your surgeon is a good place to start.  Dr. Van Horne and Dr. Bents can assess your individual condition and recommend what is best for your future.  They’ve had many decades of experience with joint replacement and keep up to date with all the current medical advances.  Call Paragon Orthopedic Center to get the information and answers you need.  541-472-0603
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