Can I get sick with Covid-19 twice?

Can I really get this coronavirus again?  Everyone wants to know and the short answer is: we don’t know for sure.  Fortunately, the investigations being done in South Korea have shown that none of those who tested positive a second time were putting off the live virus.  These patients had residual genetic viral material that was enough to trigger a positive test.  They were not contagious.

A recent study of infected monkeys showed they did not get a reinfection after being exposed again to the Covid-19 virus.

This is good news, but we do not have factual evidence in humans.  The big question is: how long does immunity last after an initial infection?  One problem is how viruses mutate.  Viruses, like the one that causes measles, don’t mutate.  Once you’ve had it, you can’t get it again.  Could Covid-19 be mutating that quickly?  The United States investigators are monitoring for a similar pattern of reinfection here.  Stay tuned and educate yourself daily on new, reliable information.

Paragon Press June Newsletter

The monthly newsletter from Paragon Orthopedic Center covers information about Covid-19 testing because a lot of misinformation is being spread.  Do you know the difference between an antibody test and a diagnostic test? Inform yourself about the current facts and pass them on to the ones you love.  Information is power!

Paragon Press, June 2020

Pre-op Preparations

With many of you seeking information about your upcoming orthopedic surgery, did you know you can do things for your body before you go NPO?  Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne have straightforward expectations that should always be followed for your best outcome, but here are some tips from U.S. News & World Report that are good to do in the weeks and months before your anticipated surgery date.  From increasing your fiber and protein intake to taking supplements, you will find helpful tips that motivate you.  Paragon Orthopedic Center strives to help you be the best you can be and a successful surgery requires a team approach.  Find some tips to do your part here:

Staying At Home Brings On The Pain

You might have been thinking staying at home from work would be a piece of cake, looking forward to doing all those things on your list.  Then, as you did activities at home that your body isn’t used to doing, you’ve developed aches and pains.  Maybe you’ve been using the at-home weight system, or those chores you’ve been doing have taken a toll on your knees.  What do you do about these isolation-induced orthopedic problems?  Firstly, begin a daily stretching routine.  The benefits of your newly gained flexibility will last beyond this lockdown.  Many have found yoga to provide increased flexibility, or you can find plenty of internet suggestions to stretch specific areas.  Just make sure you don’t push the stretch too far.  A small degree of discomfort is normal, but sustained pain is not.  Be mindful of your posture and body mechanics to stretch the muscles intended.  Eat a well-balanced diet to improve your physical and mental health.  You will be amazed by how good a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber can make you feel!  The internet is full of information about foods that can increase immunity and resistance to illnesses.  Take anti-inflammatory medications as directed and use hot/cold alternatively to increase circulation/decrease inflammation.  If the problem still persists, please give Paragon Orthopedic Center a call at 541-472-0603.  Our staff are ready to answer your questions to see if a clinic visit is advised.  We happily serve the entire Southern Oregon region.  Be safe!

Don’t we all need a break? Here’s some good news.

The coronavirus has brought plenty of bad news: restrictions over where you can go and what you must wear, concerts and sporting events cancelled, your summer vacation plans have dramatically changed, and all those camps for the kids are uncertain.  Here is a website dedicated to some better, sometimes funny news, appropriately named the Good News Network.  From a story about a 103-year old grandma surviving Covid and then enjoying a beer, to an injured turkey who had a wheelchair made for him, this will give you a reason to smile.

Good News, Inspiring, Positive Stories

Eat Alone=Eat Less

Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that people apparently eat more when with others.  They found people who ate with family and friends ate up to 48 percent more than when they ate alone.  Have you found you’re losing weight over the past month while restaurants are closed and you’re staying socially distant?  If weight loss has been an issue for you and you’ve found you’re losing a few pounds, Paragon Orthopedic Center would like to encourage you to maintain your healthy practices.  Good things can come from these unprecedented days.  Maybe you’re cooking more, which might include nutritious fresh vegetables and fruits.  You can’t control all that the restaurants add to your food, but you can control the amounts of fats and sugars in your dishes when you do the cooking.  Here’s a big tip if you’re struggling to maintain your weight: don’t purchase foods that add unnecessary calories to your days, such as chips and cookies.  Instead, keep easy to grab grapes, baby carrots, or strawberries on hand.  Keep up the strong work Southern Oregon!

Paragon Salutes Those Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

Paragon Orthopedic Center is especially thankful this Memorial Day in a time when we are limited by a global pandemic. We are thankful for those who paid the ultimate price so that we can aspire to great things in our magnificent country. Paragon’s own Dr. Rob Bents is a United States Veteran retired from the Air Force. He has taken care of many military dependents who have the most touching and brave stories about their loved ones who didn’t come home. We want to extend a special note of gratitude to the families and friends who mourn their loved ones today. Their efforts will never be forgotten.
Memorial Day community events | Local news |

Southern Oregon Outdoor Activities Reopening!

Phase one of the governor’s plan to reopen Oregon has begun, but it might be difficult to understand what outdoor opportunities are open, partially open, or continue to be closed.  Here is  detailed article from that helps you with those details and even some links to maps.  Dr. Van Horne and Dr. Bents are always encouraging people to get their exercise and we have so many beautiful places in the great outdoors to do that.  Check out information about our beaches, national forests, and national parks, such as Crater Lake National Park.  Even though you can get outside, the experience might be a bit different.  Some places are strongly encouraging that masks be worn and to continue practicing social distancing.  Before you leave the house, you will definitely want to know what facilities are open because some will not have bathrooms available and you will need to plan accordingly.  Be smart and continue to limit your chances of exposure because the virus is still active.  The places that have reopened could be closed again if the number of cases spikes.  Let’s work together to keep our number of cases low.  Please take measures to be careful and follow recommended guidelines.  Read more here:

New admission procedure at Paragon Orthopedic Center

As restrictions are lifted and people move around the area more, the chances of exposure to the Covid-19 virus increase.  Paragon Orthopedic Center is trying its best to keep the curve down and you safe.  We are going to have a screening process for everyone as you come into the clinic.  Our staff will have a tent outside to take your temperature and ask a few health-related questions.  Masks or a face covering are required to be seen and we will have some at the clinic if you do not have one.  If you are not feeling well, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible to reduce the chances of you exposing someone in our community to the flu.  We are in this together and we care about keeping you healthy!

Paragon Orthopedic Center New Safety Policies For Patient Visits

Paragon Orthopedic Center here in Grants Pass is doing its best to contain the COVID-19 virus and asks that every patient who comes in to wear a mask.  Because of social distancing rules, we are having patients wait for appointments vehicles, not in our waiting area.  Also, we are limiting guests who accompany patients.  One guest is allowed only under special circumstances to reduce your exposure.  We are all about keeping Southern Oregon safe and are constantly using antiseptic cleaning measures in the office.  Dr. Bents and Dr. Van Horne are in constant contact with authorities about measures that are instituted for patient safety.  If you are not feeling well, please call to reschedule your visit.  Stay home.  Stay safe.  Save lives.  Please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any concerns: (541) 472-0603.  We are in this together!