Paragon Targeted By Fake Facebook Account

If you checked out our Paragon Orthopedic Center Facebook page recently, you might have read a post/review with a false accusation against our staff.  This was investigated and the “person” was not a patient of ours, and then was found to be a fake account altogether.  The post was deleted.  You might think this won’t happen to you.  It is estimated that around 5% of all Facebook accounts are fake, which is about 137 million profiles.  Did you know you should report these fakers?  A quick internet search brings up easy instructions if you suspect you have had fake activity on your feed.    More stats on Facebook:

  • Of those who use Facebook, about three-quarters visit the site at least once every day.
  • Facebook is used by about half of America’s teens.
  • About 4 in 10 adults get their news from Facebook.
  • About three-quarters of Facebook users are not aware that Facebook lists your traits and interests for advertisers.

Read more about these and other Pew Research Center statistics on Facebook here:

10 facts about Americans and Facebook