Pickleball and the Possible Dangers

Around Grants Pass and Southern Oregon, a new sport is being seen and is quickly increasing in popularity.  Pickleball is a game similar to tennis, but using a smaller court and a smaller racquet.  Some people describe it as a mix of tennis, ping pong, and badminton.  The smaller court size appeals to older people who have trouble getting around a large tennis court.  The action is faster on a smaller playing area and you can play it for a good, fun workout.  Pickleball has become so popular that at least one set of tennis courts in Grants Pass has been converted into pickleball courts.  With more people discovering this fun, new game, doctors are seeing a downside.  The rise in popularity has caused clinics like Paragon to see more playing injuries.  Check out this article that discusses the injuries, as well as ways to avoid them.  The January newsletter for Paragon Orthopedic Center, The Paragon Press, is coming out this week and will specifically focus on ways you can prevent knee injuries, so stay tuned for that!

In a Pickle with Injuries?