Should I see my orthopedic surgeon now?

When is it time to see an orthopedic surgeon?  Sometimes it’s obvious.  When a bone is sticking out of your skin, it’s time.  When a part of your arm or leg is no longer straight, it’s time.  But what about when the need for an orthopedic opinion isn’t so obvious?  It’s time when the problem isn’t going away or it gets worse.  Have you not been able to get back to an activity, especially an every day activity, that was previously pain-free?  Call us at Paragon Orthopedic Center and discuss it with our very knowledgeable staff: 541-472-0703.  Dr. Rob Bents and Dr.  James Van Horne have been taking care of the orthopedic needs here in Grants Pass, as well as the Southern Oregon region, with the old-fashioned feel of personalized service.  You’ll feel a part of our family when you visit Paragon Orthopedics!