Study of Vegan Diet Shows Impact on Bone Health

The vegan way of eating avoids meat, eggs, and dairy.  While this diet can have a positive impact on heart health, diabetes, and some cancers, it can be missing key nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, and some B vitamins.   A German research institute decided to do a study of 72 people to see if bones were affected by this diet.  It found that ultrasounds of the heel bones of those on a vegan diet had lower bone value scores compared to the omnivores on a mixed-food diet.  Lower ultrasound values indicate poorer bone health.  An interesting article was published by that explores the data from the study, as well as reactions from The Vegan Society.  If you do choose to eat vegan, it is clear that careful assessment of the diet is necessary so that alternatives with similar nutrients are still consumed.  More investigation needs to be done with greater numbers, and with the data to create advisories for those who decide to become vegan.  Paragon Orthopedics Center is looking out for your bone health!  This is a well-balanced piece worthy of your time: