The Best Coronavirus Prevention Advice

With no vaccine to prevent illness from the Covid-19 virus, we can only do our best to prevent exposure to it.  As we discussed in the last blog,  there are many more asymptomatic people with Covid-19 than first thought and one of those people might be a relative who could give it to you.  What can you do besides quarantining yourself?  Paragon Orthopedics wants to help you with ideas you might not have thought of before, or remind you of the ones that you have already heard, but aren’t doing.  Here’s a quick list

-wash your hands often with soap and for 20 seconds
-use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
-avoid touching any part of your face with your unwashed hands
-try to maintain a 6-foot distance from others, even relatives, when possible
-wear a face covering to protect others whenever you go out and know this is not a substitute for distancing yourself 6 feet from other people
-cover you coughs and wash your hands after you do
-clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces in your environment
-monitor your health by being aware of how you feel or symptoms you being to have throughout the day, and by taking your temperature
-follow CDC guidelines if you being to have symptoms, such as a cough, fatigue, fever, headache, loss of taste/smell, or shortness of breath

Paragon Orthopedic Center is still performing an initial, brief health assessment when you arrive at our clinic.  For your protection and the protection of our employees, masks are still required for everyone to enter the clinic.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a great article with more details about Covid-19 prevention.  Connect to that here: