Vaccines: Are They Safe For Me To Take?

The quick answer: Yes!  Research, rigorous testing, clinical trials on people, and the Food and Drug Administration make sure they are safe before they are used.  Vaccines are the best way we have to protect against many illnesses.  I’d imagine you have many more questions and the website below has an enormous amount of reassuring information about vaccines.  Find more facts about:

  • vaccine safety, ingredients, and types
  • specific information about every vaccine, including who should get them and side effects
  • who makes the recommendations for vaccines
  • who should not be vaccinated
  • what to expect with vaccinations
  • a vaccine finder that helps locate where you can go based on your zip code
  • a list of reference websites if you don’t find all your answers

Another important subject to address here is vaccination as you get older.  You might think that after you’re done with your education, you’re done with boosters.  Wrong!  Did you know you should have a tetanus booster every 10 years?  And there are others for you to know.  This website also has easy to follow schedules for your vaccines based on age, health conditions, lifestyles, travel abroad, and military service.  Paragon Orthopedic Center encourages everyone to seek vaccination to protect your health and that of others.  There are terrible complications that can develop if you get some of these illnesses, sometimes requiring hospitalization and permanent injury.  Please remember the information put out years ago that vaccines cause autism was proven to be fraudulent and completely unfounded.  A web search about this will easily pull up the facts on that if you need more information.  This website has a wealth of information and is very user-friendly:

Giving MMR Vaccine Early To Protect Children Against Measles | Shot of  Prevention