Vegetable Planting Time!

It is getting sunnier and warmer here in Southern Oregon.  Nurseries and even grocery stores are putting out racks of plants, tempting passersby to start on those summer gardens.  The National Gardening Association has a website,  On this website, they have a Medford/Southern Oregon-specific guide to tell you when you should plant which types of vegetables, both by seed and seedling.  This helpful article tries to set you up for success, telling you why it might be best to start your seeds indoors first (and you’re too late to start by seed indoors in late April), how you need to know your soil temperature, when to plant direct seed or seedlings, and lays out strategies to set you up for bountiful success.  Save yourself some money, time and frustration by knowing the optimal times to plant.  Read more here:
When to Plant Vegetables in Medford, OR –