Waking Up…and Not so Ready to Go

Whether you have older muscles that take a while to warm up every morning, or have aches from overexertion, we have some tips from Harvard Health to help you get out of bed more easily. Have you considered stretching before you get out of bed? Paragon Orthopedic Center has often reminded you that you have to warm up before stretching, giving you the cold taffy analogy, but here is an example where you don’t have to worry about a warmup. Because you’ve been under the covers, your muscles are already warm. Your only prep work is to flex your joints before you stretch. (Hint: remove the blankets.) Check out this article with six stretches you can do before rising with helpful photos to make sure you have the right body positions. Stretching is a great way to prevent injuries, possibly prevent falls, and a limber body is a healthier body!

Try these stretches before you get out of bed – Harvard Health