Walking the RIGHT way

Paragon Orthopedic Center is always trying to get people moving more and exercise to keep your body in optimal health.  Some of the orthopedic injuries seen at Paragon Orthopedics can be attributed to a lack of exercise and could have been prevented.  Many people begin with walking as a way to exercise, and certainly after the imposed stay-at-home order, walking has recently become more popular as a way to get outside.  A recent article in The Guardian by Amy Fleming discusses how you can get more benefits out of your walk.  The article suggests improving your step, body posture, and awareness.  There are a lot of mental benefits to being mindful as you walk!  Do you take notice of the smells, the colors, and the sounds as you go?  She discusses how a study showed that walking with a partner can be a way to connect at a time when we are not supposed to hug or shake hands.  Did you know walking can help you overcome negative thinking and regain a positive outlook on life?  Overcome the negativity that might be preventing you from enjoying today.  Read more here on how to be the best walker you can be and go take a walk Southern Oregon!