What Food Banks Need Most

If you have the ability, Paragon Orthopedic Center would encourage you to donate to a local food bank this holiday season.  Nobody should go hungry at Christmas.  Two that are at the ready to take your donations in Josephine County are: the Josephine County Food Bank on Upper River Road, and the ROC Food Bank on Foundry Street.  The pantries have certain foods they would most like to see donated.  Here is an article from Taste of Home that lists 20 preferred foods, like a pantry wish-list, and tells you about some they’d rather not see.  Three keys to follow are: 1-Non-perishable, 2-low sugar, and 3-high fiber/multigrain when possible.  They like to give people food with the biggest nutritional punch.  Read here to begin making your shopping list for the pantry:

20 Items Your Food Bank Needs the Most | Taste of Home