What is CRISPR and Why You Need to Know

There is and up and coming technology in the medical field that is set to do things only imagined, and it is coming at us rapidly. Crispr is a novel gene-editing technology, changing the DNA of genes inside the body, potentially curing disease, instead of using medicines that treat symptoms/diseases. For example, medicines are used treat sickle cell anemia; the patient is never cured and endures many hospital visits to stay alive. Crispr targets the root of the disease in the gene, thus making a cure possible when it couldn’t previously be imagined. The technology is easy to use, making it desirable for many applications. In the orthopedic world, there are studies being started to improve osteoarthritis and improve bone/cartilage repair. It is exciting to hear about the amazing possibilities using Crispr. Read more in the recent article from the Wall Street Journal here:

Gene Editing Will Change Medicine—and Maybe Health Investing Too – WSJ